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¡Celebremos juntos el orgullo de la herencia hispanohablante!

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Engage your dual language and bilingual students

Meet their interests with culturally relevant Spanish texts.

Hispanic heritage all the way

BeeReaders celebrates Hispanic heritage fully, immersing students in authentic literature, rich cultural narratives, and diverse linguistic experiences that honor and elevate their roots.

We help you help your students

Access differentiated instruction to effectively address individual students' needs and levels.

Right back at you

With BeeReaders, save precious time with our ready-to-use resources and access to professional development opportunities.

Training and support in Spanish

Our native Spanish-speaking Educational Success Experts are ready to welcome you and work side by side to achieve your goals.

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Flexible and Simple to Use

Ready to boost your Dual-Language classroom

Use case

Maximizing the benefits of reading short texts or desafíos.

Key learning benefits:
Promote the habit of reading
Explore various literary and nonliterary genres in a short period of time
Help reduce stress and anxiety

Use case

Maximizing the benefits of reading a vast and deep library of authentic Spanish books.

Key learning benefits:
Promote imagination, creativity, and reading fluency
Expanded vocabulary
Develop critical thinking skills and reflect on various topics

In just 15 minutes
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